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Gear Up Girls!

The basic handgun class is designed for the beginner shooter.  This class is specifically tailored just for women.  This class consists of an introduction to basic knowledge skills and confidence necessary to safely handle and use your firearm.

Class Out Line

  • Gun Safety Rules
  • Range Safety Rules
  • Skill Development
  • Safe Gun Handling
  • Marksmanship
  • Loading/Unloading
  • Carry Options
  • Awareness

About The Instructor Deb Cheek 

Deb Cheek is a nationally-known three-gun shooter and champ.

Deb was raised in the country outside of Danville, Indiana. Growing up in a Native American household, the ability to hunt, fish, and survive off the land was a mandatory skillset for her, her five brothers and other sister. The ability to bring home food for the family was a great honor for Deb as she grew up. This is where her love for guns, hunting and all things shooting came from, and it didn’t stop there. Deb and her husband have owned and operated a highly regarded gun shop for the past 25 years.

“I love everything about it, guns and shooting have become my way of life, but this is a good thing and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Deb started her 3-gun shooting career in 1999 and quickly excelled at the sport. Deb claims, “For me there is just something about the adrenalin rush, it’s so intense! It’s comparable to the thrill of the hunts I remember from my childhood.” In 2007, Debs life took a turn when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Bound and determined to beat the disease, she had surgery soon after diagnosis and was shooting just three short months after. Best of all, she still had her hair! Deb said, “I really truly believe that my love of 3-gun has brought out the warrior in me, and made me strong in battle.”