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The Pink Gun Project

The Pink Gun Project DPMS sets it’s sights on breast cancer for one of it’s own; Deb Cheek, a DPMS team memeber and breast cancer survivor. DPMS and Deb Cheek proudly present the DPMS Survivor Rifle. DPMS and the Breast Cancer Society have teamed up to present the DPMS Breast Cancer Survivor Signature Series AR-15; a beautiful gun with an even more beautiful cause. Proceeds from each sale go directly to continuing Deb’s brave fight on behalf of all women who are battling this vicious disease. $200 from...

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Beginning Handgun Shooting Tips

Beginning Handgun Shooting Tips Out of all the different types of firearms, handguns are the most difficult to shoot well. You don’t have a stock anchored against your shoulder like you would with a rifle or shotgun, and there’s a lot less to hold onto so a handgun is harder to keep stable. Aiming is more difficult because the distance between a handgun’s front and rear sights is shorter than a rifle’s. For several reasons, handguns are inherently less accurate than rifles. These are just some of the reasons why...

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