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DPMS sets it’s sights on breast cancer for one of it’s own; Deb Cheek, a DPMS team memeber and breast cancer survivor. DPMS and Deb Cheek proudly present the DPMS Survivor Rifle.

DPMS and the Breast Cancer Society have teamed up to present the DPMS Breast Cancer Survivor Signature Series AR-15; a beautiful gun with an even more beautiful cause. Proceeds from each sale go directly to continuing Deb’s brave fight on behalf of all women who are battling this vicious disease.

$200 from the sale of each gun goes directly to the Breast Cancer Society.

Show the world that you can fight like a woman.

Meet Deb Cheek. Her precision 3-Gun shooting sure got a lot of people’s attention – including her sponsor, DPMS. But her inspiring battle in beating breast cancer took it to another level.

Deb Cheek was raised in the country outside of Danville, Indiana growing up with five brothers and one sister. Going hunting and fishing with her brothers is where her love for guns started. And It didn’t stop there.Deb and her husband have owned and operated a highly regarded gun shop for the past 24 years.

In 2012 Deb and her husband purchased property and built and opened there own shooting range.Deb does all kinds of training and all type of classes. She is living a shooter’s Dream on the range.

Deb started her 3-gun shooting career in 1999 and quickly excelled at the sport. Deb claims, “For me there is just something about the adrenalin rush, it’s so intense! It’s comparable to the thrill of the hunts I remember from my childhood. I love everything about it, shooting 3 guns and being with my shooter friends became my way of life, but this is a good thing and I wouldn’t change it for the World.”

In 2008 Deb’s life took a turn when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Bound and determined to beat the disease, she had surgery and was back shooting that year. Best of all, she still had her hair! Deb said, “I really truly believe that my love of 3-gun has brought out the warrior in me, and made me strong in battle.”

Despite Deb’s battle with breast cancer, she is still shooting 3-gun today. Below is a list of Deb’s accomplishments. Look for more to come!

Plainfield Shooting Supplies is the excursive dealer for DPMS Breast Cancer Survivor Signature Series AR-15.

For shipped orders, the rifle has to be delivered to an Authorized FFL Dealer in your state. All Federal and State Laws will be adhered to. Please check with your local FFL Dealer to see if this rifle can be legally purchased in your State. Will not ship to California.

Price is $929.00, which includes shipping and handling. For local pick up at Plainfield Shooting Supplies, the price is $899 plus tax.