Beginning Handgun Shooting Tips

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Out of all the different types of firearms, handguns are the most difficult to shoot well. You don’t have a stock anchored against your shoulder like you would with a rifle or shotgun, and there’s a lot less to hold onto so a handgun is harder to keep stable. Aiming is more difficult because the distance between a handgun’s front and rear sights is shorter than a rifle’s. For several reasons, handguns are inherently less accurate than rifles.

These are just some of the reasons why beginning handgun shooting tips can be so helpful. Here are a few that could help you become a better shot:
The accuracy of any handgun will be determined by certain basic mechanics. If you aim a pistol properly, pull the trigger correctly, and hold the gun steady so the recoil doesn’t affect the aim, the bullet will find its target. The tricky part is getting the mechanics right.

Four techniques can help you master the basic mechanics necessary for shooting a handgun accurately: 1. taking a strong, stable stance; 2. grasping the gun firmly, with your hand high on the grip; 3. using the front sight properly; and 4. pulling the trigger straight back with a smooth, fluid motion.

The Stance
Take a stance that places your hips at about a 45-degree angle to your target. Use your legs for stability by spreading them wide, like two legs of a triangle. The proper placement of your legs (which leg is forward and which leg is back) will depend on whether you’re right-handed or left-handed, and whether you’re shooting one-handed or two-handed. Lean your shoulders slightly forward (“nose over toes”). This stable stance makes it much easier to aim and keep the handgun on target.

Grasp the Gun Firmly, with a High Hand
Don’t be afraid to grasp the gun firmly – you won’t hurt it, and grasping it this way will help you control the kick when you fire. The tighter your grip, the better, as long as you’re able to maintain your aim. Hold it so your hand is high on the grip. This will help you control the gun’s recoilArticle Search, but it also makes it easier to pull the trigger properly.

Use the Front Sight
The front sight is the primary aiming indicator. Lock onto it with your eyes and center your target to aim your handgun properly.

Pull the Trigger Smoothly
The trigger must be pulled straight back with a smooth motion so the movement doesn’t pull the gun off-target. The right technique will become automatic with practice.